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"Without data you're just another person with an opinion" - W. Edwards Deming


About Henrica

Passionate about data storytelling – as a data practitioner, providing insights that inform business decisions and in her community using data from life’s experiences, Henrica believes “stories are just data with a soul.” Using the notion that "data speaks", her desire is to transform lives. Henrica currently does this through her role as a Data Scientist for one of Africa's leading technology companies as well as through her work as Founder and Lead Trainer of HM Digital, a consulting practice offering training, mentorship and advisory in digital literacy and data analytics. Henrica has impacted over 3,000 people through technical training and mentorship both locally and internationally. She is a recognised thought leader in the Zimbabwean data science industry and was recently recognised as one of Africa’s leading women in data analytics by TECHBUILD.Africa. Henrica holds a BSc Honours in Applied Mathematics and is a Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate